Floodplain Management Webinar

The Offices of Housing and Environment and Energy are co-hosting a webinar to educate Multifamily and Office of Residential Care Federal Housing Administration (FHA) applicants and third party consultants on Floodplain Management regulations at 24 CFR Part 55.



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Michigan in May Event - Environmental & Market Analysis • May 14, 2019

Click on the links below to download the agenda and presentations from the event:


HUD MF’s CNA e Tool webinar • May 11, 2017

For a link to a recording of HUD MF’s May 11 CNA e Tool webinar, click here or to download a PDF presentation, click here. The webinar addressed the following topics:

  • Quick overview-CNA e Tool, why?
  • What programs will require the CNA e Tool?
  • When does the CNA e Tool become mandatory?
  • Where do I find CNA e Tool parts and info?
  • Key parts of CNA e Tool
  • (Very) Basic Work Process (the 12 step process)
  • What should lenders do now?
  • What should assessors do now?
  • B2G?


LIHTC Workshop • July 6th - July 7th, 2016 • Chicago, IL

Click on the following links to download the agenda, case studies and presentations from the Midwest Lenders Association LIHTC Workshop.