Midwest Lenders service area includes the following states.

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Midwest Lenders Association was established in 2003 to give lenders, developers, builders and other related professionals a way to receive information and training about HUD’s multifamily and healthcare insured loan programs. We also provide our members with a way to share ideas and information with each other, as well as with HUD staff that work within their 5-hub, 11-state Midwest region.

Midwest Lenders also sponsors an annual conference that brings our members together with HUD personnel and various third party providers to educate and assist participants about HUD’s continually evolving programs. This forum is specially designed to help bring consistency to HUD’s program requirements among the Midwestern lender community and HUD.

Midwest Lenders Association Officers:
Bruce Sandweiss – President
Robyn Cunningham – Secretary
Georganna Geier – Treasurer